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Perhaps the easiest way to support me is through one of my affiliate or referral programs. There are several products and services many privacy and security minded individuals would be interested in. All the options below are ones I use and enjoy. Just use one of my affiliate links or enter one of my referral codes at checkout, and I will get a small kickback at no extra cost to you.

Company Perk Link
Proton Mail Get a free month of Proton Mail Plus
TryHackMe Get $5 toward your subscription
Incogni Get 50% off Get $5 free when you use the referral code WAKFC
Ente Photos Get an additional 10gb free when you use the referral code UTYGGAMY
SLNT Get 10% off when you use the discount code phillip at checkout

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Proton Mail

So you've heard of Proton and their privacy-focused products, namely Proton Mail, but you still haven't given them a shot? Well, now's your chance.

Thankfully, Proton Mail offers a free tier, but to really get the most out of the platform, you'll want to upgrade to Proton Mail Plus or higher.

I'm a Proton power user, and it's really helped in my journey to get way from Google and other proprietary, privacy-invasive alternatives. Use the link below, and you can try Proton Mail Plus for free for one month.


Ever been interested in learning some hacking skills? TryHackMe is one of the best places to safely learn how to do so. From various learning paths and educational modules, to practical labs and capture the flag events, TryHackMe offers plenty of ways you can learn and grow in cybersecurity and/or pentesting. Get $5 toward a TryHackMe subscription when you use the referral link below.


Data brokers all over the world constantly collect your personal information and sell it to other companies, even without your explicit consent. There are ways to manually remove this data yourself, but with hundreds of data brokers selling your information, it can be incredibly time-consuming. That's where Incogni's personal data removal service comes in.

For as little as $6.49 a month thanks to our affiliate deal, Incogni acts as your personal assistant, contacting these data brokers sites and removing your information on your behalf. Click the link below to get more information about Incogni, and take advantage of the 50% off discount while you can. is easily one of the most useful tools for someone seeking digital privacy and security. Never give another online vendor your real card information again with Users can generate virtual prepaid debit cards for one-time purchases or subscriptions with individualized spend limits as well as the ability to pause, unpause, or close your cards at any time.

It's one of the best tools to make pseudonymous online purchases, and it's genuinely easy to use. And now, when you sign up with the link below or use the referral code WAKFC, you'll get $5 for free.


Ente Photos is easily the best Google Photos alternative for the privacy minded thanks to its advanced privacy, security, and usability features. Ente offer a range of plans at various prices, and if you use the referral code UTYGGAMY you'll get an extra 10gb of storage for free when you sign up for any of the paid plans.


SLNT is a company that makes bags, wallets, and other accessories which provide both advanced privacy and security thanks to their patented Faraday cage technology.

Whether it's to help detox yourself from your own devices or to protect yourself from corporate tracking and other unseen threats, SLNT might just be the solution you are looking for.

Get 10% off your entire purchase by using the code phillip at checkout or by following the link below.



Monero is easily the most private way to donate, but it is also the most difficult. If you have some Monero or you are willing to purchase some, this is my preferred donation method.

XMR Wallet:



Bitcoin falls somewhere in the middle between easier and more private options. With the right steps in place, Bitcoin can be a fairly private alternative to fiat currencies, or it can be relatively easy to use thanks to its adoption by services like Cash App and PayPal.

BTC Wallet: